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We are pleased to greet you on behalf of the German company Dipl. Ing. Arnold Sklovski Baumaschinenhandel e.K.. The owner and managing director of the company, Mr. Arnold Sklovski is an expert in the field of road and building construction equipment with many
years practical experience. Mr. Sklovski is an author of a number of specialized books on automation of construction machines. He has a scientific degree of assistant professor and university lecturer.

As a result of more, than 15 years business activities at the major German companies the
only appropriate business concept was formed. It means – the most comprehensive range
of products and services “one-stop”. We are mostly concentrated on the export of construction machines and building equipment, as well as spare parts for all famous West European brands.

As a rule, these are the used machines, which were in exploitation for a relatively short period
of time. All of them are in excellent technical state. We accept also the orders for the brand new technics.

In accordance with your requirements and volume we shall carry out the necessary repair works, or technical maintenance. If you want to service your machines by yourself, we shall equip them with the requested spare parts. The delivery of the machines is accompanied by a full set of relevant papers, including the spare part catalogue. Apart from that our product range embraces the whole complex of auxiliary equipment: welding apparatuses, generators, compressors, pumps and ventilators, water decreasing devices, dirt pumps, trench digging and pavement hole-punching equipment for cables and tubes, cable laying and closed canalisation repair devices. We offer also a broad spectrum of construction tools – manual, pneumatic, hydraulic and electric.

In view of the abrupt increase of automation in the field of construction, the apparatuses in electronic and hydraulic automation play the major role in our sales program. We deliver also
the most sophisticated laboratory equipment for material quality control and measurement instruments for construction business.

Now it is shortly about the order procedure.

Everything starts with your inquiry. For example, if want to purchase an excavator, the preferred producer should be named: Liebherr, Caterpillar, Terex- Schaeff, etc. Don’t forget about the type of machine, year of manufacture and additional equipment – shovel (m³), hydraulic hammer, as well as motor hours.

We shall provide you with our best offer for the requested machine, including the price, date and terms of delivery on your fax or e-mail address. We can also arrange a meeting in for direct negotiations and product demonstration. Your stay in Germany will be organized by us. In this case, please, inform us at least one week in advance about your concrete intentions regarding the equipment and arrival date. After the survey of the machine on site and having your final consent we shall sign the inspection certificate with guarantee to clear faults.

After the full settlement of payment agreements for a machine and transport charges we shall arrange the dispatch of the purchased equipment to your address.

With best wishes, Dipl. Ing. Arnold Sklovski

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